❝ SORRY i vasn’t giving you
  my full undivided attention j.d. contrary to
           popular belief, i actually like to get alll my
           work done vithout distraction! amazing
           right? ❞


  she rolls her eyes, keeping as far of a distance
   as she could from j.d. not just because of his
   creepy factor, she also didn’t want people to
   think they had any kind of relationship what-
   so-ever. knowing where she was going, she 
   walks down the halls with quick strides. the
   sooner this was over, the sooner she wouldn’t
   have to be around this psycho.

        ❝ vhat exactly do you want me
            to do anyvways? i know almost nothing of dogs,
            nor do i like the beasts. are you trying to
            pull something?


        ❝ here i was thinking you were too
   cool for school. ❞

   if he notices the distance, j.d. doesn’t comment
   on it. everyone had their own set of reasons for
   keeping him at arm’s length. personal safety,
   shyness, the fear of tarnishing their reputation.
   he tries not to take too much offense to it, but it
   doesn’t take much to get under j.d.’s skin.

        ❝ beasts.  do you ever talk like a normal
   person. ❞

   that, believe it or not, was an attempt at 

        ❝ take it easy, ya paranoid fuck. i just need
   a second opinion on whether or not he looks
   like he’s ready to tear someone’s face off and
   kill six people. not too much trouble. ❞


"Just keep that in mind. You seem
a little young to be a father,” A little
too irresponsible. Exhibit A, a gun
being held casually in public as if it
were a normal thing to see.


His question brings her to laugh 
humourlessly, southern drawl falling 
from plump lips, “I’m not interested in
fighting you either, I’m asking what 
would you do if I jumped at you?”

"What does it matter? You’re not
going to, so why bother entertaining
the thought?”

What if.
What would.
Who cares.
Why bother.

J.D. rolls his shoulders in a shrug
and rubs his neck. There’s no way
of telling what he would do if she
jumped on him (let the record show
that being a wildcard has never
been easy), but it’s clear she expects
an answer. Any answer.

"I’d do what anyone else would."

Anonymous: u should watch pump up the volume, christian is still rlly cute and his character is so fucking awkward is the best

oh man !! i might do that tomorrow night depending on how much schoolwork i have !! uvu thanks for the suggestion! xx

peacable: i feel like "[text] Let’s play a little game called “Chill the Fuck Out” - you’re our first contestant" basically is what everybody should send jd .... like... all the time
fxrgery: [text] I will show up on your front porch in a wet t shirt and some mac and cheese
TFLN Meme: Accepting
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Amazing how wet t-shirts and mac and cheese can improve a night tenfold.


"Really? Don’t you remember Vegas? There were at least two there.”


"Old library on the inner parts of the city. They had a basement, seven pillars. You were there for that one, weren’t you?” He laughed, remembering the explosion itself. “Whatever. You never did appreciate my work, did you?”

Testily, “That’s sortof a broad accusation.”

"It’s just. It seems so fucking repetitive. You’ve probably told that exact same story a hundred different times, a hundred different ways.” Maybe he should stop. It’s rare a conversation lasts this long, and it’s sort of uncharted territory. "Like repeating words until they lose their meaning.”

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solidteflon: [text] did you by any chance leave me that 7 minute long voicemail of you running and constantly tripping into bushes? [ sHH I DIDNT SEND YOU 2 THAT WOULD BE RIDI CU LOU S
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[ SMS; bonnie: ]

Oh, wait, just checked my call log. Yes. Apparently I also left one a half hour long for someone in DC. What the fuck happened last night.

perditiion: [text] it’s not a party till someone uses the fire extinguisher.
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Somehow I’m not surprised.
How bad’s the damage?